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Indiana Family and Social Services Administration


How do I find and access Provider Web Indiana (PWI)?

PWI can be found by going to via your internet browser. When you have reached the PWI website, you can then access your information by entering in your User Name and Password and then clicking the Login button. Note: You do not need to login to access the various Program Materials (forms and manuals) that also appear on the login screen (Please see below for more information on accessing materials).

What kind of internet connection do I need to have in order to access PWI?

You will need either a dial-up or a high-speed internet connection (such as DSL or cable) to access PWI. However, if you use a slower internet connection, or have an older computer with slower data transfer rates, you may experience an increase in the time it takes for the web pages to load and appear on your monitor. In some cases, if your computer operates slowly you could experience a "query time-out". (A query time-out refers to what happens when you have made a selection to view a page or report on PWI and your computer takes too long to load the selected page. If this occurs, you will likely receive a message indicating "page cannot be displayed". In this case, you will need to contact your internet service provider for assistance.)

Can I access PWI from any computer?

You may access PWI from any computer that operates using current operating systems of Microsoft Windows, Apple MAC OS, and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or later. This may be either your own home or office computer or a public computer such as one found at a local library. If you experience problems accessing the PWI, please contact the Provider Help Desk at 1-800-422-0850.

Who do I call if I am having problems with my internet connection?

If you are having problems with your internet connection, you will need to call your internet service provider.

What kind of information can I view on PWI?

You may access and view attendance transaction information which has been recorded into your POS device as well as voucher and payment information. Examples of information you may view includes:

· Previous 13-day attendance entries which are listed by child
· Weekly attendance totals, listed by child, for the previous three (3) payment periods.
· All CCDF payments you have received for the three (3) most recent pay periods.
· Adjustments and credits made to vouchers for a given pay period.
· Listing of all active vouchers assigned to the child care facility as well as detailed benefit information of each voucher.

· Personal Day balances of all CCDF children assigned to you.

Is there anything else that I am able to view or use on PWI?

You will find that PWI also contains information helpful to anyone who is participating as a CCDF provider. For instance, there are "links" to other websites, such as the Family and Social Services Administration website, and the CareFinder Indiana website. You may also access commonly used program materials, as well as needed reference manuals, which are part of your participation in the program.

Is it possible for me to make changes to the information I see on PWI?

The information on the PWI is "read-only", meaning it can be viewed but not changed.

Can I view information about other providers on PWI? Can other providers view information about me or the children I care for?

The only information you will be able to view is your own. Every provider has their own unique User Name and Password to login to the PWI. Once you log in to the PWI, the only information that will appear is information pertaining to your child care facility. Additionally, providers will only be able to view information associated with their unique User Name and Password.

How do I prevent other people from accessing and viewing my account?

To prevent others from viewing your account, including information about your child care facility and the children you care for, do not share your User Name and Password with anyone. If, given your operational needs, you determine it is necessary that an additional individual at your child care facility have your User Name and Password, it is highly suggested that you change your password immediately if their employment is discontinued.

Are there times when PWI is NOT available?

Yes. In order for your data to remain current, nightly updates must be performed between the hours of 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM. For this reason, PWI cannot be accessed during these times.

Who do I call if I have questions about information I see on PWI?

Please call the Provider Help Desk at 1-800-422-0850.

For what period of time can I view data about my payments?

The three (3) most recent payment periods are available for viewing on PWI.

Can I view data older than 3 payment periods on PWI?

No. For this reason, it is important that you access PWI on a regular and consistent basis as a means of managing your business.

How do I print information I view on the website for my records?

All of your voucher, attendance, and payment information may be printed for your records. You can print this information by either 1) using your mouse to 'click' on the small printer image at the top of you web browser OR 2) selecting 'File' on the tool bar at the top of your web browser, which will result in the display of a menu, and then dragging your mouse to 'Print' which you will see in that same menu. Your computer may then display another smaller window, called a "pop up" window, before it will actually print. If your computer does display this window, simply click on "OK" with your mouse to begin the print process.

How do I receive a User Name and Password?

If you are already participating as a CCDF child care provider, both your initial User Name and Password is your Provider ID (given to you during your POS installation) preceeded by a lower case letter u (example: u1234). Once you have entered that information and clicked on the red login button, you will be required to again enter your Provider ID, your facility zip code, and the amount of your most recent regularly scheduled and deposited payment. Once you have confirmed your identity by entering this information, you will be allowed to change your password and proceed into the website. You should always select a password which is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.

Who do I contact if my User Name and Password are invalid and do not allow me to access PWI?

Please contact the Provider Help Desk at 1-800-422-0850.

Can I change my password?

Yes. In fact, it is recommended that you occasionally change your password as an additional security measure or precaution.

Who do I contact if my provider profile information is incorrect or has changed?

If you are a Legally Licensed Exempt Provider (LLEP), you should contact The Consultants Consortium (TCC). If you are a Licensed Provider or Regulated Child Care Ministry, you should contact your State Consultant at 1-877-511-1144.

Do I have to use PWI? What if I choose not to?

You are not required to use PWI to view payment, voucher, or attendance information. However, as a CCDF participating provider it is essential that you monitor and manage your attendance and payment activity. If you are not comfortable using the internet or cannot obtain access to a computer, you will need to monitor and manage your attendance and payment activity using the POS Reports (see your Provider Operations Manual for instructions).

How can I learn about all the things I can view and do on the website?

On the website itself, you will find a user manual for Provider Web Indiana along with the other available forms. By clicking on the link to the manual, you can obtain helpful information such as how to sort your information in various ways that suit your needs, as well as how to print your information.

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